Spaces [English]

The building of Area 302 is divided into different areas with different destinations.

Upon entering, you access an anteroom of more than 30 square meters, where guests can leave jackets and shoes in the wardrobes made available to them, and where it is also possible to leave indoor shoes on the way out. All the premises in Area 302 are in fact “no-shoes”, and obviously also “no-smoking”. At the entrance, there are two Yantras, one yellow, which stimulates active concentration, inner joy and creativity, and one blue, which above all evokes inner calm and stability. It is with these qualities that, ideally, the spaces of the co-working area are accessed.

From the hall you get to a large full height "social space", of more than 40 square meters, called "the cube". It is a place for relaxation and sharing, equipped with a comfortable sofa, armchairs and ottomans, where there is also a "power tower" available for guests who want to keep fit. Also "in the cube" there are bathrooms, a kitchen equipped with refrigerators, oven, food warmer, coffee machine and kettle, as well as a suggestive "anthroposophical fountain" to dynamize water. Finally, a stereo is available that can be used to share music with other guests, at set times.

To access the offices, you have to go up to the first floor via a metal staircase, which leads to a walkway of about 15 square meters, where the notice board for communications is located and there is also a library containing books and magazines that can be freely consulted by guests, and a "Japanese-like" table for three people. Using the emergency staircase, you can also access the outside, south side, and reach the green area located on the west side of the parcel.

The walkway leads to the co-working area as such, which includes several spaces. The central space is nicknamed the “Dalí area”, due to the presence of a lithograph by the Spanish surrealist, commissioned by the previous owner of the industrial building. The "Dalí area", with its coffee table and ottomans, constitutes a second "social area", of more than 20 square meters, also equipped with bathrooms, kitchen with coffee machine and kettle, large fridge, oven and micro-waves.

Adjacent to the "Dalí area", there is the 25 square meter meeting room, with its large 3.6-meter-long table, equipped with 8 very comfortable armchairs, which can accommodate up to 12 people if necessary. In the meeting room there are two whiteboards and a 65'' television, for presentations, to which one can connect with the computer via an HDMI cable.

Of the 9 offices on the first floor, in addition to the meeting room, 2 are permanently occupied by the administration of Area 302 and by Social Business Earth, which collaborates in the program for social start-ups called "Social Business & Innovation Lab". All the workspaces are large and bright, thanks to the numerous windows and the latest generation LED lights, equipped with internet connection, wifi, floor fan coils for heating in winter and cooling in summer, sound-absorbing wall panels and roller blinds. The workstations include the desk with its armchair, the table light, a storage unit and a chest of drawers on wheels.

Going along the corridor from east to west, furnished with sound-absorbing panels, the first office is 25 square meters, and in the second, of the same size, is the headquarters of Social Business Earth Sagl. Continuing on, you come to a glass office of 20 square meters, called the “Aquarium,” which is located in the “Dalí area.” Continuing towards the west and past the meeting room, there are two further communicating offices of 25 square meters, the first divided into a space of 20 square meters plus a small "server room" of 5 square meters, used as an "acoustic room."

Continuing further, one arrives at a "recycling room" of 5 square meters, where it is possible to deposit, among other things, used PET bottles, paper and batteries. Then there are two successive communicating offices, of 20 square meters and 25 square meters, respectively, and an additional single office of 25 square meters, in correspondence with an ornamental coconut palm, "cameo" of the previous tenant of the building. Finally, the administration of Area 302 is located in the last office at the end of the corridor, of 20 square meters.

Guests can also access the precious green area, called “Connettarium,” protected by evergreen conifers and with a beautiful circle formed by Ginko biloba trees, with a Morus alba Platanifolia in the center.

In Area 302 there are numerous other spaces, permanently occupied by some companies, including an air-conditioned warehouse with the fine wines of Tenuta Castello di Morcote, an exhibition office plus a large warehouse of Ferelca’s door and window company, therefore the spaces of the Laboratorio di Autoricerca di Base, which are located at the head of the building.

There is also a beautiful room of more than 192 square meters, called "Mammut Room," all oriented south towards the large lawn area, which is generously made available to the guests of the co-working space between 12:00 and 13:00, for silent meditation practice. The "Mammut Room" is a space perfectly equipped for conferences and other cultural events, with a large projection screen of 500 x 378 cm (4:3 ratio), with professional Panasonic Beamer, wireless microphones, audio recorder, HDMI connection for PC input, QSC speaker system and multiplayer.

Finally, in Area 302 there is a small audiovisual laboratory of 60 square meters, equipped for the production of educational videos and interviews.